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Digital GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) and Enterprise Systems (ER

Sub-Section A : Digital GRC – Reflect the GRC or “internal controls” perspective for ERPS/ES´s and
relate it to any company of your choice. Instead of a company can also be a ‘fictive’ company. The selected company should have or plan to establish
an ERPS/ES. Focus on three perspectives** – 1.) ERP Governance, 2.) ERP Risk Management and
3.) ERP Compliance. In addition analyse and describe if for the described ERPS/ES an automated
GRC system is available and what are the main functionality of the GRC system.

Sub-Section B: Overall Conclusions – Divide the conclusion in two sections: First section is
dedicated to the professional aspects of the sections before – a summary perspective. The second section is dedicated to your personal learning: reflect what you have learned and how you can use it in the future.

The target group for your report is a board of managers (less time, but high decision-making
responsibility), which asked you to prepare a useful conclusion about integrated Enterprise Systems.
They trust you to be able to select the relevant topics and summarize them with a view to the
essentials. In addition, they expect a clear, descriptive and easily understandable report – in short a
professional work! Even though, the target group are managers, you are expected to cite the sources
you are referring to in APA style.

Enterprise Systems SS2020

ES/ERP Learning portfolio

Part III

Duration:            Start 2020-02 till 2020-06



Course:                Enterprise Systems (SS20)

Class:                    BIT – 2a

Table of Contents

Declaration of Authenticity. 2

1     Digital GRC. 3

2     Overall Conclusions. 3

3     Bibliography. 4

Declaration of Authenticity

I (we) the undersigned declare that all material presented in this paper is my (our) own work or fully and specifically acknowledged wherever adapted from other sources. I (we) understand that if at any time it is shown that I (we) have significantly misrepresented material presented here, any degree or credits awarded to me on the basis of that material may be revoked. I (we) declare that all statements and information contained herein are true, correct and accurate to the best of my (our) knowledge and belief. This paper or part of it have not been published to date. It has thus not been made available to other interested parties or examination boards.

Basel, 27.05.2020

1       Digital GRC

2       Overall Conclusions

3       Bibliography

7 pages / 1925 words

10 sources required


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