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Required Reading: How It Feels To Be Colored Me- Zora Neale Hurston

Choose 4 of the following poems to read:

“#sayhername”- A. Monet

“Black Joy”- A. Monet

“The Ghost of Women Once Girls”- A. Monet

“A Brief History of the Present”- M. Parker

“The Gospel According to Her”- M. Parker

“Great America”- M. Parker

“I Feel Most Colored When…”- M. Parker

“Dear White America”- D. Smith

“ My Nig”- D. Smith

“ My President”- D. Smith

“ Say It With Your Whole Black Mouth”- D. Smith

“You’re Dead, America” D. Smith

Compose a response post that responds to the poems that you chose as well as thinks through the following questions:

– What is citizenship and how are the poems troubling what it means to be a citizen for the Black community?
– How are the poems juxtaposing life and death, trauma, and joy?
– What message are the poems sending to America? Why are these messages important?
– How are the poems engaging with the identity of Blackness as both individual and collective concepts?
– According to the poems, what do freedom, justice, and equality look like in the Black community in the 21st century?

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