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Contemporary Interior Architecture,


The assignment is to select, visit, and analyze an actual interior from the period of this course, 1940s-2010s.   From the beginning of the semester, you can be researching and selecting the interior you wish to visit, but you should wait until Week 9 to actually make the visit and write your analysis, so that you have had a good portion of the course material by the time you work on this.

*** This is not meant to be a design critique (aesthetic assessment), but an historic analysis.  Be sure you are clear on the difference.***

The interior can be commercial, institutional, or residential, but it must be largely in its original state as first designed (including as many of the furnishings as possible), so that you can assess the original intent and execution of the design.  Historic sites such as the Gropius House in Lincoln are good choices, but try to branch out and be original in your choice.  Feel free to check with me to vet your choice before you make your visit.

While visiting the interior during Week 9, take photos and notes, and take your time to really become familiar with the space, its architecture, and its furnishings.

Then write a 3-5 page analysis of the interior (5-7 pages for graduate students) that puts it in an historic context.

In addition to basic information about the date, place, designer, etc., be sure to discuss the following:

Historic moment of the design; what was happening in design generally at the time and how this interior expresses (or doesn’t) ideas about design that were current at the time.

Themes represented in the interior, including those from the Introductory Lecture in this course.

Design Intent and how those goals were met (or not).

Forces at work on the design, designer, client, and location, such as economics, image, branding, ideologies, etc.

Limitations on the designer, such as budget, code requirements, sustainability concerns, etc.

Develop a thesis and guiding argument as you write your analysis; your thoughts should work together to create a compelling scholarly assessment of this interior in light of its historic moment.

Use footnotes and bibliography as necessary.

Graduate students are expected to write an analysis that is especially complete, analytical, and well-written.

Style: MLA

Number of pages: 4 pages/double spaced (1100 words)

Number of source/references: 5

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