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Instructions:  You will create an advertisement for a favorite product you have. It can be food, drink, household item or even for a favorite place you like to visit such as a vacation resort or even just the local park. In this advertisement you will apply your skills we covered. You only need to apply one technique, layer, tool option, etc., however, you may apply more if you feel you need to in order to create the advertisement to your liking.

Once this is completed, you will complete a two page Paper: 12 font Times New Roman, double spaced paper in APA Style format (all formatting aspects to be in APA including references) describing the following:

1. Purpose of the advertisement. You must identify a valid purpose as if this advertisement is will be posted for the public.
2. Describe how you organized or customized workspace used and any challenges or purpose identified.
3. Describe the design principles, elements and graphics applied and why it was selected.
4. Describe the tools and/or layer applied and why it was selected.
5. Describe the repairing or retouching applied from and why it was selected.
6. Describe any image adjustment you applied to the image from and why it was selected.
7. Save your file as two different formats and describe how the two images differ.

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