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Liam is 21 years old and in his final year at university. For the past 2 years, he has reported that his friends dislike him and often try to hurt him, as a result he is often agitated and socially withdrawn. He is scared to leave his room most days as he can hear voices that tell him he should hide as someone is out to hurt him. Liam now neglects his hygiene and has lost motivation to study. His family and friends have stated that when they try to speak to Liam that he does not make any sense. Liam’s uncle suffers from schizophrenia andis currently managing it well with anti-psychotic drugs and therapy.

  1. Identify 3 behaviours indicative of schizophrenia and its type. (4 marks)
  1. Compare and contrast biological and cognitive approachesto explain schizophrenia refer to Liam in your answer.(22 marks)
Marks Description
18-22 Knowledge of schizophrenia is accurate and generally well detailed. Application is effective. Evaluation of the explanations is thorough and effective. Minor detail and/or expansion of the argument is sometimes lacking. The answer is clear, coherent and focused. Specialist terminology is used effectively.
12-17 Knowledge of schizophrenia is evident but there are occasional inaccuracies/omissions. Application/evaluation of the explanations is mostly effective. The answer is mostly clear and organised but occasionally lacks focus. Specialist terminology is used appropriately.
8-12 Limited knowledge of schizophrenia is present. Focus is mainly on description. Any application is of limited effectiveness. Any evaluation is of limited effectiveness. The answer lacks clarity, accuracy and organisation in places. Specialist terminology is used inappropriately on occasions.
1-7 Knowledge of the schizophrenia is very limited. Application is limited, poorly focused or absent. Evaluation is limited, poorly focused or absent. The answer as a whole lacks clarity, has many inaccuracies and is poorly organised. Specialist terminology is either absent or inappropriately used.
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