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Richard has recently become a road traffic officer. On his first day of work, Richard had caught a young driver speeding, driving at 35 mph on a 30-speed limit road. Richard is in his traffic officer uniform driving a police patrol car. Richard stopped the young driver and gave him a telling off explaining how it is dangerous to exceed the speed limit. After ten minutes or so, Richard started to write a warning to send off to headquarters to report the young driver. The young driver was quite apologetic at first and eventually got quite upset.

  1. Explain Richard’s behaviour and the young driver’s behaviour in terms of conformity to social roles. (4 marks)
  1. Discuss conformity to social roles as investigated by Zimbardo (15 marks)
Marks Description
13 – 15 Knowledge of conformity to social roles is accurate and generally well detailed. Application is effective. Evaluation of the Zimbardo’s experiment is thorough and effective. Minor detail and/or expansion of the argument is sometimes lacking. The answer is clear, coherent and focused. Specialist terminology is used effectively.
9 – 12 Knowledge of conformity to social roles is evident but there are occasional inaccuracies/omissions. Application/evaluation of the Zimbardo’s findings is mostly effective. The answer is mostly clear and organised but occasionally lacks focus. Specialist terminology is used appropriately.
5-8 Limited knowledge of conformity to social role is present. Focus is mainly on description. Any application is of limited effectiveness. Any evaluation is of limited effectiveness. The answer lacks clarity, accuracy and organisation in places. Specialist terminology is used inappropriately on occasions.
1-4 Knowledge of the conformity to social roles is very limited. Application is limited, poorly focused or absent. Evaluation is limited, poorly focused or absent. The answer as a whole lacks clarity, has many inaccuracies and is poorly organised. Specialist terminology is either absent or inappropriately used.
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