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Informatics (secure enterprise data in the external and internal environments.)

Make sure to justify your responses using appropriate examples and rationale. Cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA 7th format. US references, preferable no older than 4-5 years. Please make sentence clear and understandable. APA format with in paragraph citation. Please say what abbreviations stand for. Thanks

Discussion Question:

A. Several stores, such as Barnes and Noble, operate under the “click-and-mortar” (please explain what they are) model—they have online as well as physical existence. Analyze one such store other than Barnes and Noble by researching it on the Web and answer the following questions:

What factors affect competition between the online and brick-and-mortar divisions of the business?

Why would customers choose one or the other as a primary choice?

Which customer base (online or brick-and-mortar please explain what they are) do you predict to eventually dominate? Justify your choice.

B. What do you think is the competitive advantage of a company with a strong brand identity such as Intel or Coke? How can the use of technology advance such a brand identity? Give specific examples. What advantage can be offered to competitors against such a brand identity through technology?

C. Before any IS can be utilized effectively, it must be analyzed in the context of the IT infrastructure. Briefly describe two considerations that must be taken into account before an IS can be deployed within the environment of the current IT infrastructure. What are possible solutions if these considerations are not met? Support your answers with examples.

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