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Subject: Critical and contemporary issues in Early Childhood Education

Assessment 3: Listening Practices


The stories we tell about (and the ways we listen to stories of) diversity, immigration, and experiences of inclusive practice matter. The Immigration Museum and Bunjilaka @Melbourne Museum are full of stories of diversity, there are also many stories of diverse experience that surround you in your everyday life.

As an educator, listening to these stories is an active process, as you engage with what families and children are sharing, form relationships with these families and children, and integrate how you have understood these stories into your teaching practice with children.


This assignment is about making visible our ways of listening to stories and considering how our ways of understanding the stories we are told influence our understandings of inclusive practice.


Either through personal connections or online, find a story of immigration or diversity. Listen carefully to their story. Then answer all of the 7 questions below of how you listened to, and understood, the story you witnessed.

500 words for all of the 7 questions

Your assessment, must contain the following elements:

1. How did you read the story?

2. What moments of the story were most impactful for you? Why?

3. Think about how you felt, your emotions, and your relationship with the storyteller. Consider why these moments might have been most impactful for you – do these moments connect to your personal experience?

4. What concepts, ideas, or experiences from your own life did you bring to your listening practice? For example, consider how your understanding of privilege, gender, race, or ability might have influenced how you listened to these stories.
5. How does your way of listening to the story impact your ability to form relationships, to create belonging, to understand identity?
6. How do your practices of listening influence your approach to inclusive practice as a teacher?
• How does your approach to storylistening align with your understanding of inclusive practice as a teacher?
• REMEMBER that you are sharing your practice of storylistening – NOT retelling the story you listened to.

Making visible your practices of ‘storylistening’
1. Presentation carefully, critically, and precisely details your personal practice of ‘storylistening’ as an educator to the stories of diversity, life experience, and relationships that children and families share.
2. Clear evidence of careful listening to a specific, real story.
3. Multimedia presentation clearly focuses on your process of storylistening 
(and does not simply re-tell the story you listened to).
4. Specific reflective critical engagement with how you came to understand and make meaning of the story is evident.
5. Presentation clearly shows you engaged with and responded thoughtfully to another question and/or sub-question outlined in Unit Guide.

Linking ‘storylistening’ to inclusive practices in education
6. Presentation explicitly and clearly articulates how your practices of storylistening influence your approach to inclusive practice as a teacher.
7. Presentation shows explicit links to your emerging philosophy on inclusive practices and responds to sub-questions outlined in Unit Guide.
8. Motivation and reasoning behind your practices of storylistening are clear; precise discussion of how your practices of listening to children and families’ stories allows for you to enact your approach to inclusive practices.

No references are needed for this assessment.

I found and I will use the real story about May Vale found in Melbourne museum website,
From Immigration Museum and I have attached a file from the story. Please read it carefully and answer all of the 7 questions in 500 words.

This assessment is a presentation, but I will do the PPT on my own. I need the 500words in word document as I need to prerecord my voice on PPT at the 2nd slide.

I will have 3 slides:
1st slide the title of the story
2nd slide you need to pick 3 or 4 paragraphs from the May Vale story that stood out to you, then I need to copy and paste the 3 or 4 paragraphs and with pointing arrows I need to add as many dot points as possible. (I have attached an example, pls see and follow it). So, the paragraphs from the story will be at the middle and as many MAIN points as possible will be around the text as on the example below. The 500 words with the answered questions I need to have in the same slide with prerecord voiceover, which will be explaining the Main points, questions in details.

3rd slide will be the reference of Melbourne museum website

So once again, please read the full story, choose 3 or 4 paragraphs from the May Vale story that stood out to you and copy paste them in word document, and then add as many as possible Main points as on the example above, Linking ‘storylistening’ to inclusive practices in education and clearly articulating how my practices of storylistening influence my approach to inclusive practice as a teacher from my personal and professional perspectives. Answer the 7 questions (total of 500 words) in word document as well. I will add all the writing on PPT myself, and I will prerecord my voice.

REMEMBER that I need to share my practice of storylistening to inclusive practices in early childhood education– NOT retelling the story I have listened to. This assessment is all about me and my personal and professional perspectives to inclusive practices, NOT retelling the story.
And lastly, as an extra information in case you need when answering the questions about myself: I am born in Australia but grow up in Macedonia where I finished my education, later on I came back to Australia and continued with my studies in Early Childhood course.

Thank you kindly

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