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There is total 6 essay type questions in which 2 questions need to be answered and the sources must be in harvard reference and the subject is macroeconomics each answer should be of 1000 words which is 2000 words for the two questions.

Assignment Brief Essay

-This assessment has been set to replace the final exam (60%).

Word count: 2000 words

The Task

Students must answer two essay questions from the topics below, 1000 words each. Students must evaluatethe proposed economic questions using an essay format. Students must apply their economic knowledge and evaluation using the tools covered within this module.

Students must submit a 2000 words file, +/-  25% following the university regulations; the word count does not include appendixes, tables, graphs or figures. Students must submit the piece of work through Turnitin before the deadline.

Marking criteria

Subject economic knowledge                                           20%

Econonomic Analysis                                                         20%

Economic Evaluation                                                          20%

Recommendations, policy alternatives, plans                20%

Visual aids and professional impact                                20%

Electronic Access

This brief is available electronically on the blackboard.  If you would like it issued to you in a different print format, please contact Cam.


  1. How might a sustained fall in oil prices stimulate consumption and economic growth in the UK?


  1. Why have the IMF and the OECD concluded that rising income and wealth inequality has slowed economic growth?
  1. To what extent might aggressive ‘quantitative easing’ by the European Central Bank increase inflation and stimulate economic growth in the Eurozone?
  1. What are the possible explanations for the UK’s recovery from the financial crisis of 2007-9 being much slower than anticipated?
  1. To what extent have the regulatory and structural reforms of the UK banking sector since the 2007-9 financial crisis made bank bailouts at the taxpayers’ expense less likely?
  1. To what extent can ‘structural reforms’ promote economic growth in a period of fiscal austerity?
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