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Introduction to Management Information Systems

Case Study Individual Project

(20% of Final Grade)



The COVID-19 Coronaviruspandemic is spreading around the world at a rapid pace, affecting every aspect of how we live, how we study, how we work and how we shop.  While the coronavirus brought many challenges and threats for some businesses, it created new opportunities for others across all industries.

Due to the outbreak, quarantine measures have been implemented in countries around the world (including Oman), forcing companies, government organizations, schools and universities to shift large part of their operations online.


You (as an individual – not in a group) are required to:

  • Read chapter 7 in the textbook and watch the provided online lecture on the chapter. This will give you enough idea about the concepts of E-commerce and E-business.
  • Research and describe how information and communication technologies are playing a vital role during COVID-19 pandemic in enabling many of us to carry out our regular duties from the comfort of our homes. This may involve researching the current business situation and related issues on how this pandemic is disrupting every industry, creating new challenges and opportunities.
  • You are also required to highlight the key issues (ethics, privacy, and security), as discussed in chapters 3 and 4, as well as in section 7.5 in chapter 7.
  • Use trustworthy resources in your research form the Internet, social media, mobile applications, and also the Website of SQU main library.


Prepare and submit a report using the below template. A soft copy of the report must be submitted to the lecturer via email no later than 12pm on Thursday 4th of June 2020.Late submission will attract 3% per day.

  1. Title Page

Include a title that describes the content of your report, your name, student ID, section number and your instructor’s name

  1. Executive Summary

150-200 words that provide a general summary of the report

  1. Introduction

200-250 words that give general exploratory remarksand highlight the main sections of the report.

  1. Business during COVID-19

3.1         Overview

  • words that provide a general description ofCOVID-19 impact on businesses.

3.2 E-Commerce

400-450 words that analyze the current status of e-commerce as follows

3.2.1 Definition

3.2.2 Benefits

3.2.3 Case Study from Oman

  • Challenges/Risks

3.3 E-Learning and E-training

400 – 450 words describing e-learning and e-training sectors during COVID-19

3.3.1 Definition

3.3.2 Benefits

3.3.3 Case Study from Oman

3.3.4 Challenges/Risks

3.4 Teleworking

400 – 450 words explaining how jobs in different sectors have been transformed

3.4.1 Definition

3.4.2 Benefits

3.4.3 Case Study from Oman

3.4.4 Challenges/Risks

  1. Conclusion

150-200 words describing your own opinion and views about the above experiences

  1. References

List all the references and resources you have used in your report in APA format. You may use an online APA citation generator, click here.

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