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NGO Paper Assignment


For this assignment, students are expected to show progress on two learning outcomes: (CLO3) Identify key international organizations and examine how they shape international relations; and (CLO5)

Understand processes by which inter-governmental and regional organizations can influence international cooperation and conflict resolution.


The assignment will count for 10% of your final grade.

In the assignment (maximum 600 words), you will describe the purpose, structure and function of a currently operating NGO.

[Note: you can use internet sources, articles, or books to identify and describe your organization. You should provide a list of sources at the end.]

Include or discuss each of the following 5 aspects. You should answer all the questions and cover at least most of the information requested under each aspect.

  1. Historical Background and Purpose. When was the NGO created? Who created it, and why? What is the primary goal (or goals) of the organization (why do you identify these as the primary goals)?
  2. Type of NGO. Is the NGO’s role operational (service), advocacy, educational, or some combination (see Globalization Power Point Slides)? Do your best. Some may not be easy to classify. You might also want to comment on the size of the NGO in terms of number of members, number of countries it is active in, and budget.
  3. Structure. Who are the members of the organization? About how many are there? Where do they come from (geographical region or political orientation)? Where are the headquarters? Do they have offices in different countries?
  4. Function. How is the NGO governed? How does it make decisions, and who carries them out (what is the governance structure?) Where does it get its budget from (Donors? Governments? Corporations?), and how does the source of funding affect the organization (how does it influence or cause problems for the NGO)?
  5. Problems/Challenges. What are at least two major challenges facing the NGO (you do not need to try to fix those challenges here—just briefly describe them)? Do you see each problem as being extremely serious, or only moderate? Why?
  1. RULES
  2. Choice of Countries. The choice of NGO is up to you. However, your choice must be approved by me. I will verify that everyone is choosing a different one. I think last year I had about 8 people do Action Aid and 8 people do BRAC, and that isn’t happening this year. I’ll have a list posted on Blackboard of who has chosen what.

So send me your choice as soon as you find one. There are a number of ways to find NGOs. Lists are available from Wikipedia, from UN websites, and all over the Web.

  1. Originality (Extremely Important!!). You are expected to do your own work. If you take something from a source such as a webpage or article, you must cite it. If you paste something into your article that isn’t your original writing without citing it, that is plagiarism.

I don’t care what citation style you use, but you must cite your references at the bottom of your paper.

The paper should be written entirely by you. You need to write everything yourself except for quotes or citations from your sources. (Note: if you write in Arabic and then use a translation program to convert to English, the result is extremely likely to produce a poorly written result).

Bottom Line: Write it yourself, in your own words, in English. No Exceptions.

Also, DO NOT WORK TOGETHER. This a 100% INDIVIDUAL assignment. You have been warned.

  1. Writing Expectations. This is a 300-level course. You are expected to write well. Complete, flowing sentences. Good grammar and punctuation. Correct spelling. Note: Microsoft Word doesn’t catch all your mistakes. Please edit before handing your work in. This is a university course, and your expected to know how to write.

Must be uploaded to Blackboard.

Late papers will be counted off 5 percentage points per day. No exceptions.

Papers with no name on AT THE TOP (!) of the first page will be counted off 2 percentage points. No exceptions.

Papers with no student number on the first page will be counted off 2 percentage points. No exceptions.

Papers not written in 11-point or 12-point font will be counted off 2 percentage points. No exceptions.

Papers that are not double-spaced will be counted off 2 percentage points. No exceptions.

2P Double spaced
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