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Slums in India

Please read and follow all instruction. Do the research you use the lectures as one of the sources you are going to use for the research. Please use as much as possible topics and ideas from the lectures. Please list all the references you are going to use in a separate page.

The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize you with a country and a major issue or problem, within the context of globalization, confronting the country. During the quarter, we have covered various topics, each concerned with an integral aspect of the modern urban experience. Taken together these topics constitute the framework through which we can assess the effectiveness of an urban region in providing its denizens with all components of the human ‘hierarchy of needs’ (see: Maslow, Hierarchy of Needs).

This assignment is primarily analytic. You will choose a country and look at a specific problem or issue within the context of globalization. In addition, you will provide a brief background of the country using the concepts discussed in lecture (e.g. demographic characteristics, political economy, housing and public health and so on (You may include geography, history, culture or other characteristics to provide a more thorough description of your country—but don’t allocate too much real-estate to these descriptive details). For the bulk of the paper (the analytic portion), you will focus on a specific problem in one of the areas described in the previous section (i.e. demography, political economy, public health, etc). In addition to describing the problem, its causes and effects, the impact of globalization, you will discuss a policy solution to the problem.  Irrespective of whether you have provided your own solution, or one from the literature, you must make a compelling argument for its effectiveness in addressing the problem or issue you have chosen.  When picking a problem, please be as narrow or specific as possible. For example, discuss a specific aspect of economic development such as the outsourcing of local manufacturing due to globalization and its impact on income instead of discussing poverty in general.

Your final paper will be a maximum of 6 pages long, 1.5 or double spaced, not including references and title page. You will use 1” margins and 12 pt font, preferably Times New Roman or Calibri. You can include figures, charts, tables and other non-narrative elements to make your case, however, use them appropriately and sparingly (and not as a replacement for substantive narrative content).  Also citations should be provided in the text with a reference list at the end of the paper (use APA or MLA format for citations; again, the reference list will not count towards your page limit).  There is no minimum page limit.

Please note that any sections exceeding the page limit will not be read or graded.

Descriptive (20 points)

(15-20 points)  Major descriptive indicators or characteristics are included. Redundant information is at a minimum. Figures, charts, tables, etc are not used as filler devices but complement the narrative section (and vice-versa). The description does not contain any glaring holes or obvious omissions.

(8-14 points) Most of the major descriptive indicators or characteristics are included. There is some redundant information and the charts, tables, figures, etc. are presented in a disjointed manner (i.e. they do not flow with the text or are formatted poorly).

(0 –7points). The descriptive section is cursory and appears hastily written. Important data or information has been omitted. The wrong terminology is used to describe a particular phenomenon. The section contains significant redundancies. The section feels as if the author was trying to ‘fill up’ space.

Analytic (70 points)

(60-70) A specific problem is discussed. The description of the problem, including its history and significance, is comprehensive, compelling and accurate. The indicators used to describe the problem are appropriate (i.e. the relevant metrics are used). The impact of globalization is readily discernible and connected clearly to the problem being discussed. Tables, charts, figures, etc. are used to supplement the analysis and not as space fillers. Redundancies are minimal. The policy prescriptions (or proscriptions) are logically connected to the problem and its causes (i.e. your solutions make sense).

(45-59)  A specific problem is discussed. The description of the problem is mostly comprehensive and accurate. The historical evolution of the problem is provided but poorly developed. The indicators used to describe the problem are mostly relevant, though extraneous indicators are included. Tables, charts, figures, etc. are included, however, they do not add to the analysis. The connection to globalization is made, though it is not fully developed The policy prescriptions or proscriptions, though logically connected to the problem, appear generic and lack specificity.

(20-44) A general problem is discussed. The problem is described poorly, and there is little, if any, overview of its historical evolution. The indicators used don’t connect well with the problem (i.e. they are too broad or too specific, given the description of the problem). The problem’s etiology is not evident or is ambiguous. Only a passing or cursory mention of globalization is made; the connection to globalization is tenuous at best. No policy solutions are described or the policy solutions are very generic and bear little relevance to the problem being discussed.

(0-19) There is little or no evidence of a specific problem or issue. The analytic section is very short, poorly developed and there is no evident connection to globalization. The section appears hastily written, cut and pasted and without much regard to the rubric.

Both sections will also be graded with respect to the following:

Punctuation, Grammar and References (5 points)

Please try to use an established reference convention (e.g. APA). It is also important to proofread the paper with fresh eyes to minimize errors in grammar, diction, syntax, spelling, etc.

 Intangibles (the “Gestalt”) (5 points) – the paper’s feel, flow, and cogency.

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