Ethical Decision Making Model Assignment | Online Assignment Help

a. Choose a section from the APA/ACA code- Choose the entire section not just one principle (For example- choose all of 3 not just 3d)

b. Tell me about the principle and your hypothesis for why it is included in the code of ethics.

c. Do not include the principles in your paper (do not rewrite them out in your paper); Simply discuss them in a logical way

d. Make up a Vignette (a brief incident or scene as in a play or movie) about your principle.

e. Include a section about Ethical Decision Making Model surrounding these issues and your vignette. Use the ethical decision making model you have chosen (from your PowerPoints) to dissect the vignette and tell me how/what you would do if you were faced with this dilemma.

f. Use APA format writing style (see examples) Include a title page and a reference page; 12 font Times New Roman; 3 Full pages of text (5 pages including title and reference page)

g. Include at least 4 peer-reviewed references in your paper.

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