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You are Texas Governor Sam Houston and it is 1861. Texans voted 47,548 to 15,463 for secessionist Democrat John C. Breckinridge for President.  Republican Abraham Lincoln won zero votes in Texas. You believe the U.S. Constitution requires that you yield to the President, no matter how unpopular he might be in your state. A secessionist convention in Texas voted 166-8 to secede from the Union. On March 2, the Secessionist Convention approved, ratified, and accepted the provisional government of the Confederate States of America by a vote of 109-2 and the Confederate Congress passed an Act to admit Texas before it formally even applied. Newspapers are saying that Republican rule means “negro equality” and “southern vassalage.” Abraham Lincoln has offered you 5,000 federal troops to quell the rebellion. You believe in Democracy and the will of the people, but you believe that the people are wrong.  What do you do Sam Houston?

Minimum 2 sources. Paper needs to be written in APA style

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