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Analyze a survey

Course Project:

Service Learning About Financial Attitudes In Your Community

Your project this term is to learn about the financial attitudes and literacy of a member of your community. Please give the following survey to a family member or friend (do not disclose to me the name of, or any personal details of the individual taking the survey) and try to learn about and understand their financial awareness and attitudes towards money. Using what you learned in this course and your other finance courses, please analyze and comment on each question and write a 3-5 page report of your thoughts and findings.


  1. Does your household have a budget?


  1. Can you tell me whether you have heard of any of these types of financial products?

A pension fund  Yes

A mutual fund  No

A money market account  No

A mortgageYes

An unsecured bank loan  Yes

  1. Which sources of information do you feel most influence your financial decisions?






  1. How sure do you feel about your ability to manage your own finances?

I think I am doing well on that. Even though I don’t have a daily budget, I still consider the necessity before the purchase.

  1. How interested are you in increasing your financial knowledge?

I think it will be helpful so why not

Please rate each of the following items on a scale of 1-5 (1 = not at all true of me, and 5 = very true of me):

  1. I feel in control of my financial situation.


  1. My finances are a significant source of worry or “hassle” for me.


  1. I am uncertain about where my money is spent.


  1. I feel credit cards are safe and risk free.


  1. I am comfortable with not paying my credit card bills in full each month as long as I make the minimum payment.


  1. Purchasing things is very important to my happiness.


  1. I feel capable of handling my financial future (e.g. buying insurance or investments).


  1. I feel putting away money each month for savings or investments is important.


  1. I enjoy thinking about and have interest in reading about money management.


  1. I enjoy talking to my peers about money management issues (i.e. taxes, investing, credit cards).


  1. Before I buy something I carefully consider whether I can afford it.


  1. I tend to live for today and let tomorrow take care of itself.


  1. I find it more satisfying to spend money than to save it for the long term.


  1. I set long term financial goals and strive to achieve them.


  1. I keep a close personal watch on my finances.


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