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Central London as a place for a new hotelier.

What is the average price per room per night of 4 Star hotels near Hyde park. To be more specific in the are with postcode W2 3NA.
What is the ARR (average room rate).What is the average price of land if we were to buy land and make a four star hotel.

What kind of licences are required to operate a hotel.
Can we serve alcohol?
Can we have smoking and non smoking rooms.

Does the hotels/rooms near Hyde park or facing Hyde park sell for more? And if more then how much more as compare to rest of the hotels/rooms.

What is the Cancellation policy for 4 stars hotel near that area in general.

Is it viable to open a restaurant or a bar in a four star the hotel?if yes/no, why?

Is there any restriction on the following:
Number of employees we can hire?
Number of employees we have to hire who are Britishers and Number of people we can hire who are Non-Britishers.

Are their hotels around Hyde park with balconies? If yes, then do they sell for more than ARR or are they considered as Smoking Rooms.

Please use as much Government websites as you can for sources and copy past the link next where ever your write about the same.

While doing this project report please keep in mind the AERA WITH THE POSTCODE MENTIONED.

10P Double spaced

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