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Behavior Adjustment Paper

This paper is a relatively low-stakes writing assignment, for which you will identify a behavior of your own that you want to adjust (increase or decrease), and describe in detail a plan of action to make that change.  Included in your paper will be a detailed explanation of how to apply classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and an awareness of internal (personal) obstacles (i.e. forms of bias, misattribution, cognitive dissonance, etc.) to successfully change your target behavior.

I highly recommend following these steps:

  1. Review the rubric.  Make sure you know exactly how the rubric dictates that you structure your paper, in order to earn the maximum points possible.  Be sure to clarify any points of confusion with the instructor, well before the due date.
  2. Select a behavior of your own.  Make sure to select an ‘appropriate for general audiences’ (G-rated) behavior, that you would feel completely comfortable discussing with anyone.  Also, when choosing a behavior, make sure that you are able to easily and clearly describe how to  make adjustments to this behavior using the principles of classical and operant conditioning (Hint:  This isn’t very easy for some behaviors). Review the rubric for more details.
  3. Create a five-paragraph outline, with an introductory and summary paragraph included in the framework for the paper.  Review APA formatting requirements and be prepared to use APA formatting as you write, versus  formatting your paper after you have finished writing it.  Review the rubric for more details.
  4. Review the necessary chapters to inform your paper topic and approach.  The best chapter for reviewing classical and operant conditioning is chapter 6, while some chapters you will want to review regarding internal obstacles include chapters 8, 12,  and 13.
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