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Outline and Speech
The goal of persuasion is to have the audience adopt the views, attitudes or beliefs of the speaker and ultimately respond with action. In order to achieve this goal, the speaker must know what will motivate the audience.

For this persuasive speech, you will give a presentation that lasts 7 to 10 minutes. Speakers who fail to meet the time requirement will lose 10 points per minute they are under. For example, a speaker will lose 20 points if he or she speaks for 5 minutes.

Speakers must use Monroe’s Motivational Sequence. This sequence demonstrates a problem, and then proposes a solution to solve the problem. Read more about Monroe’s on pages 306-309. The topic may be a controversial issue, but does not have to be controversial in nature. The two most important considerations for an acceptable topic are that:

•You must demonstrate that a significant problem exists.

•You must ask the audience to DO something (provide behavioral steps) most of them don’t already do.

This speech must use a minimum of five high-quality sources and one presentation aid. Remember, if you did not use a PowerPoint presentation for the Informative Speech, you will need to use presentation software for this speech. A Works Cited should be turned in with your outline, which must be typed and written in complete sentences. The sources should be cited in MLA format. Sources must be reputable (books, magazines, newspapers, articles from a database, government Web sites). Wikipedia, or any other wikis, are not acceptable sources. Here are additional considerations:

•A website with various pages counts as ONE source UNLESS you are citing a research article included on the website.

•If your topic is controversial, you should include at least 3 documents from sources other than an organization that takes a position on the controversy; i.e., an unbiased organization

•Interviews with experts are acceptable. However, you should also have at least 3 published sources from reputable sponsors or authors. Peer interviews are permitted to add personal interest in the speech, but do not count as one of your 5 sources.

•Video clips are permissible, but should not last longer than 30 seconds, and should be used to illustrate a point that you make, not to do your persuading for you.

  • Style: MLA
  • Number of pages: 9 pages/double spaced (2475 words)
  • Number of source/references: 5
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