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Summary and Literature Review Assignment

Overview. For this assignment, you will write a literature review on a topic of your choice. A literature review, as its name suggest, is a review of the literature, scholarly and professional, written on a particular issue. Writing a literature review needs to be preceded by a thorough process of reading and familiarizing yourself with books, scholarly articles, and professional reports written on a topic. To write a good literature review, you need to review the literature, organize the ideas chronologically, thematically, or methodologically, and write about your findings in clear, standard English.

Rationale. You might be asked to write literature reviews in different contexts. At SLCC, for instance, your history professor may ask you to write a literature review on the recent scholarly trends in the study of the Civil War. Your supervisor at a research facility may tell you that a team will conduct research on the different medications tried for the cure of certain viruses. They will ask you to review the literature conducted on that virus and then ask you to identify the gap that might be found in that literature.

Purpose and audience. For this assignment, you will write a 1000-words literature review in order to inform your audience about (1) the literature that has been written on a particular issue, (2) the points of divergence and convergence among scholars, and (3) the gap which exists in the literature.

Your audience is supposed to be scholarly or professional readers who might be interested in the same topic.

Additional details. Choose a topic in which you have some background knowledge, do a preliminary reading, and then write a research question which you can answer within 1000-words and within a few weeks.

Read the literature (between five and seven sources if you are doing this research by yourself, ten and fourteen if you are working with another person) and identify the different answers provided by the authors of these sources to your research question.

Decide how you want to arrange your sources in the literature review (chronologically, methodologically, or thematically) and justify your choice in your paper.

Remember to cite your sources correctly both inside the text of your literature review and at the end.

Although you can use the ā€œIā€ pronoun in your literature review, please remember that literature reviews are about what other authors wrote rather than what you think. Moreover, please remember not to include your personal views in your essay.

Like every other assignment, please remember that your essay needs to include an introduction, body, and conclusion. Please also remember that you need a thesis statement or a research question at the beginning of your paper.


The main idea behind a literature review is to discuss what scholars and experts have discussed about an issue. You mentioned the issue without mentioning anything about the sources. Moreover, discussing the points of divergence and convergence should happen while you are discussing the literature, not in a separate section. Please read the assignment instructions. see the examples I uploaded in the files section on canvas. read them carefully, and then do what the authors of these papers did.
One of the things you SHOULD do if you want to write a GOOD literature review is to CITE YOUR SOURCES WITHIN THE BODY OF THE PAPER. Mentioning the sources only at the end of the document undermines your credibility and does not help you at all.

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