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Select a social issue you are passionate about and create an artwork designed to express your message about this topic. You will not be judged on your opinions. This assignment will be assessed on how much thought went into using the visual modes of communication, via the Elements & Principles you have learned in this class, to then communicate your opinion.

Please carefully address the following requirements:

1) Create an artwork with a social message to creatively persuade someone to your way of thinking. – Your work of art should consider both sides of the issue and represent the different points of view in your imagery, but it should be clear that the message promotes the side of the issue that You stand for. Your audience should be broad, not just those that already agree with your point of view.

2) Use your artwork to communicate WHY you believe what you do. Does your creative message clearly match your descriptive written narrative?

3) Written Narrative (Minimum 150 Word Count) – Write a descriptive paragraph explaining what you are trying to express visually and why you chose this social message. Consider both sides of view and explain why you believe in your message in an attempt to persuade the reader to choose your side.

4) Required Images: 1) A clear, focused image of you creating the artwork (Take a Selfie or Have a Friend Take Your Picture While In the Process of Creating the Artwork), and 2) A clear, focused image of your finished artwork. You can take a picture of your work or scan it, but it must be inserted into the document you upload and not submitted separately.

– Students may address any issue of their choice, whether historical, political, religious, or social.

Students may create their artwork in any of the traditional media: sculpture, painting, drawing, or photography.

Please note: Photography is allowed, but it must be your own work! A photograph of someone else’s act of protest will be given zero credit. You must stage the image with your own models and accessories or props and direct your message.

**Digital Painting, Clip Art, Typed Artworks, and Using or Copying Artworks, Memes, Logos, or Designs from the Internet is NOT allowed and do NOT qualify. All artworks are compared to the internet using Google Image Search. Do NOT simply copy an idea you have seen in the News or Online; Be Creative!**

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