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The assignment should be in 12 point, Times Roman font style. I need the assignment in simple English not very professional, just a few vocabulary word,maximum five to six, And should look like it is made by a college student with his own ideas, should not look like its made by someone professional. its worth of 35% of final exam. Please read the instructors”s instructions and requirements carefully. Instructor is asking to site the sources in footnotes.

Charter of rights and freedoms has had a significant impact on police powers. Do you agree with this statement? Explain in detail why you agree or disagree.

Instructions for the assignment:

  1. This assignment should be typewritten, 12 point, Times Roman font, 3 pages maximum, single spaced. Make sure to attribute any ideas to the rightful author and properly cite your references in footnotes. I do not expect you to have more than 2-3 sources, outside of your course text and recorded lecture.
  2. In marking your paper, I am looking at your good comprehension of the subject, and the clarity, persuasiveness and authenticity of your answer. I do not want you to copy other’s work nor load up your 3 pages with quotes. I prefer your own words to quotes.
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