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Prof. Sherwood ‘Sherry’ Washburn was a giant in the field in his day. Indeed, he trained a lot of very famous anthropologists and was instrumental in folding the field of primatology into anthropology departments. ‘His’ vision seems alive and well. This essay (1000 words max, not including references cited) has two parts based on the 1984 Washburn interview.

As you watch the Sherry Washburn interview, identify key subject areas and people discussed. There is a lot of ‘name dropping’ done by the interviewer (former University of Florida Prof., the late Charles Wagley), and they cover a lot of ground, but to the best of your ability list key subject areas discussed and major researchers (e.g., Dobzhansky, Hooton, Tozzer, E.O. Wilson). Perhaps develop a timeline and fill in the gaps of the history of the field. Do a google search on some of the names mentioned. This interview was conducted in 1984, a generation after Prof. Washburn’s ‘call to arms’ redefining the New Physical Anthropology (1951).

How does it seem the field changed from the 1950s to the mid-1980s? Building on Fuentes (2010), and other resources you may find (not required, but may be useful), how do you sense the field has changed since 1984 (a generation later). How do you think Prof. Washburn was a catalyst for change in the field?

In this assignment, integrate the two parts of this assignment into a cogent essay outlining the history of biological anthropology in the mid-20th century to today. Use resources at your disposal, including the required readings in this module.

Two typed-pages only (not including references), single-spaced and 12 point font. You must do word check. Include your name at the top of the page and upload your assignment by the due date (Plan accordingly for upload time, computer malfunctions, alien abduction, etc.).


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