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For this assignment, choose a particular cultural group, other than your own. Write a research paper containing information that you would use to create a professional presentation. Approach the paper as if your audience were interested in research on this culture and how the research is interpreted for application into practice considerations. You will be considered an expert with the expectation that you will know available, appropriate resources for participants to consult. A minimum of eight (8) research articles are required to complete this assignment. Use articles from the university Virtual Library as well as online or hard copy research on culture, diversity and social justice.  This assignment must be typed, double-spaced, and written at graduate level English in APA format.

The following points should be addressed in your presentation:

a. Why this group is being addressed and what is the group’s contextual influence in the U. S.(or in your country) and in therapy discussions?
b. A historical context of this culture.
c. Family structure and its impact when considering treatment options.
d. Issues of acculturation, assimilation and immigration on family dynamics.
e. Implications of cultural dynamics for therapists.
f. Suggestions for practice as a family therapist with an individual of this culture.
g. Be sure to add references of material used and suggested resources in APA format.

Paper should be 10-12 pages in length plus a title and reference page

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