Erikson’s, Piaget’s and Kohlberg’s theories Assignment | Professional Writing Services

Your response to each question should be 1- 1½ pages per question.
Your entire assignment should be 6-8 pages plus a title and reference page.

  1. What cross-cultural limitations do you see in Erikson’s, Piaget’s and Kohlberg’s theories?


  2. Explain why people in non-Western cultures tend to “somatize” their distress, whereas people Western cultures have the tendency to “psychologize” it.


  3. Explain and give examples of microaggressions


  4. Compare and give examples of conformity in collectivist and individualist cultures.


  5. Research shows, with some exceptions, that individuals from Western countries are more likely to display a strong internal locus of control than individuals from non-Western countries.  Explain these findings.


  6. What is the highest form of religious bonding? Describe it
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