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Prompt: For the final paper you will have to choose 1 current social issue, and 3 sociology concepts we have discussed in class (Race, Class, institutions, etc). The objective with this paper will be to provide a critical explanation of the current social issue using the concepts chosen.

• Paper must provide an explanation/describe the current event that you have chosen
• Paper must outline the concepts that you have chosen
• You must analytically use the concepts you have chosen to connect them to the current social issue of your choice.

Final Paper Details:

• Three sociology concepts, 1 current social issue
• Paper should be 4 pages (Not including reference or cover page)
• Cover Page (Current event issue and name)
• At least 4 sources (1 source can be from your class textbook, 3 must be an academic journal)
• Provide source page
• Times Roman font, size 12, and doubles space

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