What kind of emulsion did you make in this lab? (w/o or o/w)
Is it possible to make an emulsion with water, ethanol, and an emulsifier? Why or why not?
In addition to oil-in-water and water-in-oil emulsions, there are also double emulsions called water-in-oil-in -water (w/o/w or WOW) and oil-in-water-in oil (o/w/o or OWO). WOW’s are more commonly used because food and supplements are usually composed of a continuous aqueous phase. WOW’s have recently been receiving enhanced news coverage due to their ability to potentially reduce the amount of fat in common foods.Based on what you already know about emulsion creation, hypothesize how you think a WOW emulsion is made. Make sure to back up your hypothesis with fact/reason.

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